The World’s Fastest Cats are Dwindling in Number

Since cheetahs have reputations for being fast and powerful cats, some might not know that they are actually endangered.

Many people recognize cheetahs because of their beautiful fur. This species has a primarily yellow body with black spots and lines under its eyes, which protect it from the sun. Cheetahs have their tell-tale fur from birth.

This fast cat lives in grasslands across the world, including Africa, Europe, Afghanistan, Iran, South America and zoos around the globe. Fossil evidence from these areas indicate that cheetahs have existed for about 10,000 years.

During this time, cheetahs have survived by eating a variety of mammals. For example, they prey on zebras, birds, rabbits, and impalas.

Cheetahs typically live for 12 to 14 years. However, researchers have suggested that their population is dwindling because they are hunted for their fur. Hopefully this hunting will be declared illegal soon so that the cheetah population can thrive once again.

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press Archives ]

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