Penguin Chicks Huddle Together to Keep Warm

Did you know that baby penguins are called chicks? 95 percent of chicks make it through childhood.

Penguins have a dangerous childhood and many do not make it. Female penguins commonly lay two eggs, but usually only one survives. When the second chick does not survive, it is because it hatches last. Hatching late causes this chick to be fed less by the parents, making it not as strong.

Penguin chicks are fluffy and do not look like their parents. However, their feathers are not good at keeping them warm, so they get their warmth from the adults. When their parents go hunting, chicks that live in cold places, such as Antarctica, may get really cold and freeze to death. For this reason, chicks hug and cuddle together when their parents go hunting for food in the ocean. Groups of baby chicks are called nurseries.

Chicks can survive for days or even weeks with their layers of fat. This is why chicks do not always starve to death during the time when their parents go hunting. However, if the parents stay away too long, their chicks could be attacked by predators, such as leopard seals, or starve to death.

Penguins’ dangerous childhood and their badly insulated feathers are the reasons why not all of them survive. Nevertheless, even though there are challenges, many of them make it to adulthood.

[Source: 100 Things to Know About Penguins ]