Chimpanzees are Inventive, Like Humans

Chimpanzees are among the smartest and most resourceful of animals. They even know how to make shoes to protect their feet!

Chimpanzees, which are commonly found in central Africa, have many surprising and interesting characteristics. Some people used to think that chimps only eat plants, but they actually eat meat, too. In fact, chimps can eat about a quarter-pound of meat in just one day of hunting.

Chimpanzees are typically loving mammals, but they can also be violent. When they fight with one another, it is often to determine who is boss.

You might not know that chimps are also the closest living animals to humans, genetically speaking. In fact, humans and chimps share 95 to 98 percent of the same DNA.

Like most human babies, baby chimpanzees are close to their mothers. Baby chimps cling to their mothers and stay with them for five years before moving away and living independently.

There are so many cool facts about chimps—I wish I could play with one!

[Source: Wild Creatures ]