The Lifestyle of the Elusive Coastal Wolves

Vancouver Island is home to the coastal wolves. These wolves can survive on land and in water.

There are two types of coastal wolves: mainland coastal wolves and coastal island wolves. Coastal island wolves are rarely seen on Vancouver Island. Coastal island wolves eat more seafood than mainland coastal wolves.

Ninety percent of their diet is seafood. Most people think wolf meals are elk or deer, but these wolves eat seafood. Because they rely so much on seafood, they only grow to be as big as German Shepherds. This is smaller than the gray wolf.

Since the lives of all coastal wolves revolve around the ocean, they are excellent swimmers. When they hunting for food, they can swim for miles. Coastal wolves also have a unique DNA, which sets them apart from interior wolves.

Coastal wolves are very interesting. They are very elusive and are rarely seen by humans. Some of these wolves can also be found in Alaska, but their population has declined. Long ago, they also lived in California.

[Source: National Geographic ]