Cookie-Cutter Shark Leaves Victims Battered but not Broken

by Dominic Hernandez-Mielke, age 10

Did you know that cookie-cutter sharks glow luminous green under natural lighting? This tiny shark uses this glow to lure its victims when hunting.

The cookie-cutter shark can grow up to 21 inches almost two feet, but is usually only about 14 to 16 inches long. Despite its size, it feasts on whale, dolphins, seals, other types of sharks, and even bigger animals.

Another name for the cookie-cutter shark is the cigar shark because it has a slim, cigar-shaped body and it is a brownish-grayish color. It also has a dark band around its gills. This dark band makes the cookie-cutter shark look smaller then it actually is.

With its luminous belly glowing, the cookie-cutter shark lures in prey. The shark swims forward and then uses its upper teeth and rubbery lips to take a bite out of its prey. It leaves a circular wound in its victims, like a cookie-cutter might. However, this shark does not kill its victims.

This glowing shark isn’t just known for its bright color. It is also a sneaky hunter.

[Source: Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep]

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