Cottonmouth Snakes are Common but Dangerous

Did you know that the cottonmouth snake is venomous?

Cottonmouth snakes prey in murky water for fish, frogs, and birds. You can find them in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Illinois. They can also be found preying in backyards for mice and rats, which is why they are called ‘’fierce hunters.” They are cold-blooded and one of the scariest reptiles on Earth.

The cottonmouth snake is a bulky snake that is very quick in the water. His head has a heat sensor, which he uses to find prey at night. His coils are dark, from olive to black, in order to help him blend into the murky water. When he feels threatened, he flashes his inner white mouth to warn attackers.

[Source: Snakes & Reptiles: The Scariest Cold-Blooded Creatures On Earth ]