Beasts of the Nile

These Ancient Creatures Have Roamed the Earth for Millions of Years, Hunting any Animals that Dare Enter their Domain

by Stathew Cornia, age 9

Crocodiles have been around since the dinosaur era. Crocodiles are large fierce hunters.

The Nile crocodile in particular is a very vicious hunter. It typically waits in the water until an unsuspecting animal wanders deeper into the water to drink. It waits a few seconds and then whips its tail to grab the animal and drowns it. After this, it pushes it under a log or a rock and lets it soften. A few days later the crocodile comes back and eats the carcass. Crocodiles are large so they can eat big things like antelope, zebra, wildebeests, warthogs, and buffalo. They also eat fish, birds, and even humans.

These large beasts inhabit a large part of Africa spanning, from the Senegal River, Lake Chad, and Lake Nasser in the north to as far south as the Cunene River, the Okavango swamps of Botswana and South Africa. Crocodiles can also be found living in Madagascar.

Nile crocodiles are fantastic, amazing, awesome creatures. They have been around a long time and still exist today in much the same shape and size.

[Source: Snakes and Reptiles]

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