Dogs Are Awesome!

There Are Many Good Reasons these Smart Animals Are Called Man's Best Friend

by Deshi Bias, age 10

Dogs were the first animals to be tamed. The word tamed means trained to live with human beings. Domestic dog fossils dating back 10,500 years were found in Idaho. The fact that dogs are natural scavengers, and were always around human camps searching for scraps was the beginning of the training relationship between humans and dogs.
The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 138 breeds of dogs, while Great Britain’s Kennel Club recognizes 170. They put all those dogs into seven groups, separating them by appearance and size. The categories they formed include sporting dogs, herding, hounds, non-sporting, terriers, toy dogs and working dogs.
Most dogs are fully-grown at age two. Most female dogs have up to six babies but some breeds have up to ten. Puppies open their eyes ten days after they are born, and are ready to leave their mom at only six weeks old. Dogs have the same five senses as humans, but their senses of smell and hearing are their strongest.
Dogs are really awesome! They are like humans, but with four legs. Dogs around the world are helping needy people. Seeing-eye dogs train for many years to learn to help people who can't see.

[Source: The King Fisher Children’s Encyclopedia ]