Just Like Humans, Dolphins Give Gifts

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have discovered a rare male dolphin sexual display. Male dolphins often try to get a mate by showing off their strength to impress female dolphins. Researchers recently found out male dolphins also give gifts, such as sea sponges. Male dolphins use their beaks to take sea sponges from the sea floor and bring them to the female dolphins as a gift. This behavior has not been observed in other non-human mammals. Scientists think dolphins likely give gifts for the same reasons humans do—to impress females.

Researchers say that male dolphins do this to show the female dolphins that they are strong and will be good mates for them.

Scientists are still researching to find out if males dolphins who show off and give gifts father more babies than male dolphins who do not.

Dolphins are beautiful creatures known for being affectionate and caring.

[Source: abcnews.com ]

Nice article! I had no idea about this, it's so fascinating! – Shreya Shrestha , West High School (2018-06-23 12:34)