Anacondas Are Able to Swallow Animals Twice Their Size

Did you know anacondas eat their prey whole, even crocodiles?

Anacondas eat a variety of different things, from small fish and rodents to crocodiles. They hunt their prey by waiting still until something comes close enough to strike. Then, they wrap their bodies around the animal, suffocating it. Anacondas are able to hunt on land but they are much swifter in the water.

The anaconda lives in the rainforest of South America, the Andes mountains, and the off-shores of Trinidad. Its preferred habitats are swampy savannas, streams, rivers, and lakes. Anacondas favor these environments because their multicolored markings allow them to camouflage themselves.

Anacondas can grow up to 27ft (8.5m), but most stay within 19ft (6m). They can weigh about 551lb (250kg) and in captivity, live up to 30 years.

These fascinating creatures are especially interesting because they can swallow prey almost twice their size.

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