Asia’s Huge and Dangerous Gharial Crocodile

Lurking in the waters of southeastern Asia, the gharial crocodile is one of the most ancient-looking animals in existence.

Like other crocodiles, the gharial’s eyes are on top of their heads and their bodies are covered in plated scales. They can reach lengths of up to 23 feet. The feature that sets this predator apart from others is it’s long, hollow snout and its small sharp teeth. With over 100 teeth, the gharial’s skull is slender and lightweight. Not only does their skull make the gharial a dangerous opponent, the crocodile’s webbed feet and flat tail allow their quick movement underwater.

A gharial usually eats adult fish, insects, frogs, and small mammals. When hunting, the gharial lunges from a still position, and snaps down on its prey using its teeth. But even with all their physical advantages, the gharial is classified as endangered.

There’s so much that is still unknown about the gharial crocodile. With more research, scientists will be able to find out more in the near future.

[Source: The Encyclopedia Of Animals ]