Did you know that gibbons are a type of ape? Great apes are related to the gibbons, but the gibbons are called lesser apes because they are smaller.

Gibbons are omnivores, which means they eat many plants and meats. Their diet includes fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds, tree barks, tender plants, insects, spiders, bird eggs, and small birds. They also fight animals that come into their territory and take their food.

Gibbons have dark brown or black coats, thick hair, long arms, and thick leathery pads on their rump so that they can sit comfortably. They have long fingers, so they can swing through the trees, and wide feet so they can walk on large branches.

Gibbons live in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, the island of Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Thailand, parts of Burma Myanmar, and Yunnan in southwestern China. Gibbons are arboreal, which means they live and sleep in trees.

I chose gibbons because they’re cute and incredible animals. I learned that lesser apes are gibbons and great apes are gorillas. I hope that gibbons are safe and protected.

[Source: Gibbons, The Encyclopedia of Animals ]