The (S)Lowdown On Green Turtles

by Kaylee Brunton Age, 8

Did you know that some turtles can live to be over 50 years old? There are many different types of turtles living all over the world.
There are 13 families in the order Chelonia which includes 240 kinds of turtles. The green turtle is one of the six kinds of turtles. The olive ridley, Kemp’s ridley, hawksbill, loggerhead and flatback are all different kinds of sea turtles. The seventh one, the leatherback, is considered it’s own species.
The green turtle lives in warm seas around the world. They share their habitat with the olive ridley turtle. The olive ridley turtle is smaller than the green turtle but they both like warm water. Green turtles eat sea grass that grows in submarine meadows.
There are many interesting things about the green turtle. Their limbs have been transformed by evolution into flippers. Instead of teeth, the green turtle has plates on his jaws which keep growing like human fingernails. The lower shell of the turtle is called the plastron. The plastron is cut away from the flippers of the turtle to allow for easier movement.
The green turtle is an endangered species. This is caused by hunting, pollution and habitat destruction.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals]