Humpback Whales Are Amazing Animals

Little Whale begins her first journey north at one-month-old. She is a baby humpback. She and her mom are swimming to the North Atlantic ocean for food. Little Whale’s mom has not eaten all winter. They swim 30 to 60 miles each day, only stopping to rest or nurse. Little Whale’s mom feeds her milk from her nipples tucked into slits in her skin. Little Whale has to come up to the surface for air every five minutes, as her lungs are not fully developed. Her mother, on the other hand, can last 40 minutes under water.

During their journey, Little Whale’s mother gets bothered by barnacles on her skin. To clean them off, she takes a break, jumps out of the water and hangs in mid-air. Little Whale watches in amazement. Little Whale’s mother falls back into the water and makes big waves that go over Little Whale. Little Whale tries to copy her mother but dives only halfway out of the water.

Arriving off the coast of Maine, they find krill to eat.

[Source: Humpbacks Go North ]