King of the Wild Cats

Lions Are Excellent Hunters, but can Also be Sociable Family Members

by Avenna Pickett, age 9

Lions are unique animals. They can be sociable, cruel, mean, and lazy all at the same time.
Lions live in groups of four to six adults and their cubs. These are called prides. Prides can have up to 30 lions. Males only stay with their pride for about three years. If they want to lead a different pride, they must fight the males of that pride and kill the cubs to win their position.

Even though this seems mean, this prepares the lionesses to have more cubs. It also makes sure that all the cubs in the pride are the adult male lion’s.
For many wildcats, the male and female look alike. Male and female lions, however, look different from each other. While they both do have the same sandy-colored fur that camouflages with the sun-scorched grass lands, the males have dark manes on their heads and broad shoulders that make them look powerful and threatening.
Lions hunt zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, and antelope. They circle their prey and rush them at once. It is known that lions sometimes kill and eat humans. This doesn’t happen very often, but people should be very careful around lions.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Wildcats]

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