Octopuses Are Shy But Intelligent Creatures

Do you know that an octopus can camouflage when it feels threatened? It does this by changing its color, pattern, and texture.

An octopus is a sea animal that weighs up to 25 kilograms (55 pounds) and its body can grow up to 25 centimeters long with tentacles extending for 1.3 meters long. They are found near the coast in tropical and mild seas around the world, from southern California and Brazil to south Japan and Australia.

The octopus has a very interesting and different body compared to humans. The mantle is a muscular sac that contains important organs. The octopus can fill the sac with water, which changes its skin color and pattern using special pigment cells. They breathe by removing oxygen from the seawater through their gills. Octopuses use their funnel to move and it allows them to squirt out ink. The mouth of the octopus is located at the center of the tentacles. It is used to break hard material to get food.

Each of the eight arms, also known as tentacles, carry twin rows of powerful suckers. These tentacles are very sensitive. They can also explore surface textures and prey items. Octopuses eat crustaceans and other mollusks. A male octopus can live for two to eight years, while females only live two years.

Did you know octopuses can open jars from the inside? The octopus is a very fascinating creature. We as humans are lucky to have them in our world.

[Source: Encyclopedia of Animals ]