These Birds Spend Most of Their Time on the Ground

by Marshawn Turner, age 9

Peafowl are fascinating animals to learn about. Peafowl are huge birds that don’t fly very well, and spend most of their time on the ground searching for food and a place to nest.
They are beautiful because of their feathers. Male peafowls, called peacocks, have brilliant feathers that are different colors. Their feathers are green, blue, and gold and form an eye spot pattern. Peacocks have long feathers that grow on their back and are five feet long, which is longer than their bodies. Peacocks use their tail feathers, which are much shorter, to lift and display their long colorful feathers to attract females, called peahens. The feathers of peahens are far less interesting. They are brown with a white belly, and green on their neck.
Peafowls eat seeds, fruit, insects, worms and snakes. When they’re not looking for food, they’re looking for a place to nest and lay their eggs. Peahens lay up to five eggs. It takes about a month for her eggs to hatch. Once they hatch they follow their mother. They do this to learn what to eat.
Peafowls live in open forests, woodlands, near streams, and rivers. Wild Indian peafowls are native to India and Sri Lanka, in South Asia. In other countries they can be found in zoos.
Peafowls are interesting because their feathers are so beautiful to look at. When I go to the zoo I make sure to go visit the peacock before I leave.

[Source: National Geographic Kids]