Penguins Have Evolved Over Millions of Years

Penguins coats are black and white which serves as camouflage in order to hide from predators. All 17 different species of penguins look different but similar. Evolution scientists don't know how penguins got their name but it may have came from the word pinguis which means fat in Latin.

Penguins have feathers and unlike other birds, their bodies are made for swimming not flying.

All birds have wings but penguins evolved into flightless birds. Instead of having large feathery wings that are good for flying, penguins have small flippers. Scientists studied penguin bones that were millions of years old. They found out that the largest penguin was around the height of a human.

Like all birds, penguins make nests to lay their eggs. Both parents take care of the eggs which later hatch into chicks.

Penguins have been alive for a long time and are very fascinating.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Penguins ]