Brightly Colored Poison Dart Frogs Are Incredibly Poisonous

Poison dart frogs are found in South and Central America.

Every feature of the poison dart frog is unique in its own way. They have vivid colors that can be a warning to predators. Their long and muscular legs help the frog jump easily from leaf to leaf. They have big eyes that can see their prey move in the dim light of the forest. They also have a big mouth and a very sticky tongue for eating prey.

Some of the frogs spend their whole life in branches. They have to use the suckers on their toes to climb to their homes.

This frog’s moist skin oozes some of the most potent toxins in the natural world. The poison keeps their skin soft and supple, while also being deadly to those that encounter it.

Although their lifespan is a short, three to five years, the poison dart frog is still incredibly lethal. So we should stay away from it.

[Source: Snake and Reptiles ]