Giant Prehistoric Animals Roamed the Earth Millions of Years Ago

Did you know that there were prehistoric giant animals? Well, here are just a few, and they are pretty amazing.

Titanis was a really big bird, around 10 feet tall, that lived about one million years ago. It looked like a large rooster, but it had arms and fewer feathers. It would always race after its prey and tear it apart with its huge hooked beak. It could eat really big animals, such as horses. If it were alive today, it would maybe even eat humans.

The prehistoric procoptodon kangaroo was almost twice the height of a modern kangaroo. This means the procoptodon would be much taller than humans. It could also run as fast as a racehorse. Like the kangaroos of today, they could carry their baby in a pouch, which means that they were marsupials. If they were alive today, they could carry human children. Can you imagine?

Paraceratherium were the largest land mammals to ever live. They were a type of rhino without a nose horn. But they looked more like a horse. They were 26 feet long and 20 feet tall, which makes them taller than three men standing on each other. It also weighed over 15 tons, which is more than three modern elephants. Paraceratherium lived in Asia about 30 million years ago. They were peaceful plant eaters and had strong legs for running.

These few huge prehistoric animals are extinct now, but they are still really cool to learn about.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Prehistoric Life ]

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