Pumas Are Among the Most Athletic Animals in the World

Did you know that pumas go by many different names?

Pumas are called mountain lions, panthers, tigers, and various other names. They can be found ranging from the southern tip of South America all the way to Alaska.

Pumas are also considered to be one of the most athletic animals in the world. They have muscular legs that allow them to jump, run, and climb.

Some pumas live in a hot climate, so their body temperature can get warm easily. This means they have to cool down by panting and sticking out their tongue to let saliva evaporate.

It is important to stay away from pumas. Not only do they eat rabbits, rats, hares, and larger animals, they also sometimes eat people. Even though they do not roar, they can run as fast as 40-50 miles per hour, so they to both animals and humans can catch victims at any moment with their speed. This makes pumas very dangerous.

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