Saber Tooth Tigers – Massive Canines Couldn’t Stop Extinction

Did you know that Saber Tooth Tigers went extinct between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago?

The Saber Tooth Tiger was a carnivorous prehistoric mammal. Its most famous features, two long canines on its upper jaws, could grow up to eight inches long. These ferocious tigers’ teeth helped them kill their prey, including horses, bison, and mastodons. Although their canines were long and powerful, they were also fragile and could easily break while hunting. Saber Tooth Tigers also had small canine teeth on their lower jaws, which were about the same size as human molars.

The Saber Tooth Tigers scientific name is “Smilodon”. This animal weighed 160 to 280 kilograms and typically averaged 100 centimeters in height. They roamed North America and Europe, then they spread to Asia and Africa after the Pliocene Epoch.

Saber Tooth Tigers lived alongside plant-eating animals in forests. It’s really too bad these glorious creatures went extinct – I would have loved to meet one.

[Source: Kidz Feed ]