Sharks Are Not as Scary as You Think

Many people are afraid of sharks. But here are some facts that make sharks interesting and not as scary as we imagine.

Why do sharks have to keep moving? If a shark doesn’t constantly move, it will sink. Sharks have hard tails and “dorsal fins” on its sides that give them balance in the water and allow them to keep moving. The fins also help the sharks float.

Do all sharks have teeth? No, but some sharks have up to eight rows of teeth. That is a lot of teeth! They need teeth to attack, catch, and eat their prey. Sometimes when they eat, they may lose a tooth. That is okay because shark teeth grow back. Some sharks can grow, lose, and replace up to 30,000 teeth.

Now, do all sharks bite? No, not all sharks bite. In fact, basking and whale sharks do not have any teeth at all. If a shark does have teeth, however, it will only bite humans if it is bothered.

Sharks have to swim in order to eat, but not all sharks have teeth to make them dangerous to people.

[Source: Amazing Animal Facts ]