Siberian Tigers: the Amazing Ice Cat

by Alex Pacheco, age 8

The Siberian tiger is one of the world’s most dangerous predators. It is found in China, Russia, and North and South Korea. They are the largest living cats in the world. Males weigh between 396.8 and 661.4 pounds, while females weigh between 220.5 to 363.8 pounds. The Siberian tiger has extra body fat to survive cold Siberian winters. They can grow to about 11 feet long including their tail, and are about three feet tall at the shoulder. These tigers live 15 years in the wild, and 26 in captivity.

A Siberian tiger’s night vision is six times better than a human’s. At the back of its eye, there is another layer that helps the cat see extra light. Its forward-facing eyes allow it to see from a great distance.

A tiger’s foot has five really long claws. With soft pads on the bottom of its foot they allow the tiger to walk quietly when it’s about to kill its prey. These tigers are strong and can pounce over three times their body length when hunting. These features make Siberian tigers frightening predators. They eat pigs, deer, bears, small birds, and fish.

These special features help Siberian tigers to survive and make them famous for being one of the world’s fiercest carnivores.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]