Sloths Lead a Slow Life in the Treetops

The lazy leaf-eating animals known as Sloths are slow because of the food they eat. Leaves provide very little nutrients, meaning sloths don’t have much energy to spend.

Sloths live in the tops of trees of tropical forests in South and Central America. They only climb down their trees about once a week when they need to defecate. They then dig a hole where they later bury their waste and go back to the top of their tree. Sloths move from tree to tree very slowly making it hard to be spotted by predators.

There were once more than 50 species of sloths, but most are now extinct. Currently, there are only two species of sloths, three-toed and two-toed. Sloths are related to bears, ant eaters, and armadillos.

Sloths live by feeding on leaves, which are rich in fiber. Sloths depend on bacteria that live in their stomachs to help them digest the leaves. Removing all the toxic components of plants and absorbing their nutrients can take up to a month for a sloths digestive system. This slow digestive process is an attempt to use the least amount of energy possible.

Sloths are very special animals. If you ever find yourself in their habitat, look around and see the uniqueness of sloths.

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