Snow Leopards Survive in Extreme Environments

Snow leopards do not live in the Antarctic, but most do live in cold climates. To keep warm, they store fat and have lots of layers. The extra fat is very important for cold weather animals like snow leopards so that they keep warm throughout the winter.

A snow leopard has thick fur which can be white, yellow, or gray, with spots that are brown with black rings. Snow leopards have thicker fur than other big cats.

Most snow leopards live in high altitudes like the mountains of central Asia, but they can also be found in Russia, Afghanistan, northern India, and eastern China. They roam high in the mountains where few plants grow. These beautiful and elusive big cats live alone and travel to find food such as sheep, goats, and birds.

Snow leopards live in rocky dens and females will have two to three cubs. The cubs live with their mothers through the first winter. After that, the young cats will journey alone.

Snow leopards are very interesting. These big cats fascinate scientists because they live in remote areas and are able to survive extreme weather.

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