Snowy Owls are Lethal Predators in the Arctic

Snowy owls, also known as arctic owls or great white owls, are really interesting animals because of what they eat and where they live. Snowy owls eat all sorts of things including rats, small birds, lemmings, and even animals like large hares or medium-sized geese. These animals reside in the arctic tundra, near lakes and the ocean, since they like to be around colder temperatures.

Snowy owls are mostly white with black markings. Females have more black markings that make them look bigger, while male snowy owls are mostly white. Other interesting facts are that only the females incubate the eggs, while the males feed the females and babies.

These fluffy birds have yellow eyes and are the same size as crows. Snowy owls mainly hunt in the daytime. They will attack anything that disturbs their nest and when they fly, they stay close to the ground.

Snowy owls are incredible animals that should be protected and kept safe.

[Source: Defenders of Wildlife ]