They May Be Flightless, but They Can Swim and Dive

Penguins are an amazing species. They have excellent vision and can swim at up to nine miles an hour. Here are a couple of interesting facts about penguins.

Penguins are a type of water bird. They are one of the only water birds that do not swim on top of the water. They dive below the surface with their bullet-shaped bodies in hopes of catching prey. Their body shape helps them swim smoothly through the water. Penguins are able to dive in the ocean and find prey because their vision allows them to see in the dark.

There are penguins that can stay under water for 18 minutes. These penguins are called Emperor Penguins. They can dive to an incredible depth of over 1,600 feet.

Penguins have major differences compared to most other birds which helps them survive in their environment.

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