Many Animals Belong In the Dog Family

There are different dogs in the dog family. They are all a little different.

Wolves can be very different from one another. The red wolf Canis Rufus is smaller than the gray wolf, with longer ears and shorter fur. The red wolves are dying out while red foxes and coyotes are thriving.

The gray wolf has different fur colors according to where it lives. The Alaskan Gray wolf’s fur is lighter than the Gray Scandinavian wolf. They usually weigh around 40 to 175 pounds. They run on a carnivorous diet which includes deer, elk, and moose.

The coyote has reddish brown forelegs, feet, and muzzle. The coyotes' appearance can be determined by it’s drooping bushy tail with a black tip. Although they have adapted to urban development, coyotes don’t have a relationship with humans.

In conclusion, animals within the dog family are very different from one another. They have different diets, weights, and colors.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Mammals ]