Tigers: The True Kings of the Jungle

by Elias Aquino, age 9

While lions are often referred to as ‘Kings of the jungle,’ it is actually tigers that are native to this environment. Shadows casted from tall trees along with tigers’ stripes help them blend into the deep jungles and tall grasses where they most commonly live.
Tigers generally hunt at night, making it easier for them to creep on prey. Traveling several miles each night, they roam around tracks to search for victims. Sometimes, tigers may have to stalk up to 20 animals before they manage to catch one. Usually, tigers prey on mammals like deer, cattle and monkeys, along with reptiles and sometimes even young elephants.
No two tiger’s  coats are identical. Each coat has a differently striped pattern, which is perfect for camouflaging themselves while stalking prey and hiding from other predators. While white tigers are commonly bread in zoos, cubs are less likely to survive in the wild because their coats don’t provide good camouflage.
Often, tigers are hunted for their valuable coats, making them endangered. This means that if actions aren’t made to save them, tigers may soon become extinct.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Wildcats ]