What Is a Hamadrya Baboon Anyway?

There are two types of baboons called hamadrya baboons and chacma baboons. These types of baboons have differences and similarities.

Did you know that hamadrya baboons sleep together at night on outcrops, which are rocky surfaces on hills? These baboons go in groups of 20-70 to forage. They search for plants, flowers, fruits, grass and small vertebrates at dawn.

The scientific name for these baboons is Papio Hamadryas , and they are also called savannah baboons. They live in north east Africa. The male has a brownish gray mantle of hair on its head, similar to lion's mane. The female's fur is olive-brown. The female and the male both have red bottoms. Baboon families have one dominant male and a variety of females with their offspring.

Chacma baboons are similar to hamadrya baboons because they both have red bottoms and live in Africa. However, the chacma baboons live in southern Africa . They live in habitats that are dry and have little rain. These baboons can survive without water for 116 days. Their diet is fruit, leaves, roots, and insects, and they get moisture by eating figs.

At the end, while these two baboons are different in many ways, they also share similarities that are interesting to learn about.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Mammals ]

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