Fish That Could Walk Existed Millions of Years Ago

Did you know that millions of years ago, there were fish with armor?

In order to protect their bodies, some early fish had hard and curved plates made out of bones. These types of fish were called placoderms, and most of them were fierce hunters. They used their huge jaws and sharp sheets of bones to slice prey.

The first fish that could walk on land emerged 390 million years ago. They were called lobefins and had a base of muscles on each fin. If the pool of water they were in dried up, the lobefin used their fins like stubby legs to waddle over land to another pool. These fish evolved into four-legged animals called tetrapods.

The Dunkleosteus can grow up to almost 33 feet long. They swam in the oceans 360 million years ago. The fish can slice up prey using its massive teeth made of narrow blades of bones, each one almost two feet long.

There are many different types of fish and they have evolved a lot over time.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Prehistoric Life ]