Strange Looking Frogs Absorb Water in Their Bodies

Water-holding frogs have superpower like abilities.

Where do the water- holding frogs live? These frogs live in Australia, and they have to hold water because where they live it's very dry. What do water-holding frogs eat? Water-holding frogs eat insects and fish. The water-holding frogs love to eat because where they live there is no water or food. How do water-holding frogs look? Water-holding frogs look like they have spots because with those spots, they can absorb water.

These frogs need water so they can survive. Also, they need it so they can give it to their tadpoles. If it rains, they can go to big puddles and turn themselves into a cocoon so that they can absorb water. After it rains, they can survive in the cocoon without water for two or three years, or more, until the next rainfall.

Water-holding frogs are special because they turn into a very mysterious form and become large and absorb water.

[Source: Extremely Weird Frogs ]