Hybrid Electric Cars

by Anthony Cole, age 9

Would you like to put some extra money in your pocket?  If you do, driving a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) would probably help.
Hybrid Electric Vehicles use two types of energy.  They use a gas-burning engine to speed the car up and a battery that stores the electricity.  This keeps the vehicle running.
Hybrid Electric Vehicles use less gas than normal gas-powered cars because the electricity helps keep the vehicle going.  An HEV can get as much as 63 miles per gallon. A typical car can only travel 25 miles on a gallon of gasoline.
Driving a hybrid vehicle has other advantages too.  People can save money on gas while limiting the amount of excess pollution that enters the air.
Many automotive manufacturers are realizing that hybrid vehicles will likely be around for a long time and are making more hybrid vehicles to meet the high demand for this type of car. Starting in 2020, Toyota plans to have a hybrid version for every vehicle model they make.
Hybrid electric vehicles are a great choice when buying a car.

[Source: Cars of the Future ]