Who’s to Blame?

by Abraham Ruiz de la Vega, age 10

British Petroleum, or BP has tried a number of methods to permanently stop the oil spill in the Gulf.
Questions still remain about whether or not the spill was the oil company’s fault. People blame BP for not being careful enough when drilling for oil in order to save money. Some blame BP for being unprepared and the BP crew for slacking off. Some even blame the U.S government.  They believe that we need stronger laws to protect the environment and oil spill crew safety.
In reality, ordinary citizens are equally to blame for the oil spill. People demand more oil, so companies are forced to find places to drill. This often leads to drilling in difficult places like deep on the sea floor where there are more possibilities for problems. This can be harmful for the environment. There is likely no single person or group to blame entirely for the oil spill.

[Source: www.nwf.org ]