Northern Giants Stalk Large Prey

Polar bears and black bears are part of the same family, although they live in different parts of the world. Polar bears are giants that live in the Arctic Circle, while black bears live in the forests of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Polar bears are skilled hunters. They need a lot of food to survive in the far North, so they eat a lot of meat, especially seals. They also eat beluga whales by jumping on their backs and attacking them. During the summer polar bears eat plants, small mammals, birds, and bird eggs.

Polar bears are huge creatures, and can measure up to 11 feet long. Black bears are typically around six feet long—about half as large as polar bear. They eat plant matter including nuts, berries, and small animals.

The habits and lifestyles of polar bears and black bears are quite different. But if you get too close to either one, it can kill you!

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