Pollution Continues to Threaten Our Earth

Pollution is a bad thing for the world. There are many types of pollution including water and air pollution. Water pollution can involve putting trash and chemicals into the water, whereas air pollution can involve the air becoming so thick that you might even see it or have problems breathing.

What causes pollution? Often time, human actions are the root of pollution. A lot of people throw away garbage in lakes, oceans, swamps, and rivers. Also, for example, industries pour oil and chemicals they don’t need into oceans, rivers, and lakes. Ever since people began polluting the oceans, sea creatures like the Bai Jis Chinese River Dolphins have become endangered or even extinct.

Pollution is not good because all of the things that we use in our daily lives—from pencils to tables and meat to chairs—are part of the environment. For example, the hamburgers that we eat come from cows, and cows eat grass. So, if you spill oil on the grass, cows might eat the grass and then the oil will poison the cows, creating unhealthy hamburgers, which can make you sick.

So what can we do to stop pollution? Instead of throwing plastic, paper, and cans away, we can put it in recycling bins. This is just one tip to reduce your footprint on the Earth—there are many more.

Pollution is a bad thing both for us and the world. For the Earth, ourselves, and future generations, we need to take care of the environment.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Endangered Animals ]