The Fearsome Bengal Tiger Lurks Near the Water

Did you know the Bengal tiger loves water the most out of all the big cats? It uses this feature to its advantage in the tropical climate of northeastern India and Bangladesh.

While the Bengal tiger uses the water to bathe or cool off, they also use it where it makes its home to attract prey. The Bengal tiger follows and charges at the prey. When their prey is distracted, perhaps by the lure of water, the tiger clamps down hard on the neck of its prey. A tiger’s prey can provide enough food to last several nights; the tiger can consume up to 66 pounds of meat before its full.

The Bengal tiger needs a large area to hunt. The male tiger’s range is up to 40 square miles. It is best for a tiger to have a lot of territory because there is more food to be found over a large area, and more places to hide. The Bengal tiger scratches bark from trees and sprays urine to mark its territory. This urine helps other owners know the tiger’s sex, size, social status and even breeding status.

The Bengal tiger breeds in the spring. After breeding, the male tiger leaves after a few days. Then, fifteen weeks later, two to four cubs are born. When the cubs grow older, they join their mother to learn hunting skills they need to survive. When the cubs are 18 months, they are able to hunt and feed for themselves.

The Bengal tiger, while feared, is protected by the worldwide Fund for Nature with the Indian government along with other tiger species since 1972.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer ]

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