Antarctica: A Mysterious and Frozen Continent

by Dismand Champion, age 9

Did you know the name Antarctica comes from the Greek language, and means “opposite to the north"? Antarctica is the fifth largest continent, and is covered in ice bergs and ice. There are many amazing features of Antarctica.
Even though Antarctica is mostly made up of ice, it also has volcanoes. Ross Island, located on the west coast of Antarctica has an active volcano called Mount Erebus. Ice flows down to the coast, forming glaciers. When ice gets too heavy the glacier breaks apart into icebergs. The coasts of Antarctica are home to lots of ice and volcanos.
Surprisingly, there are many amazing animals in Antarctica. These animals have thick feathers and fur to keep them warm. Some of them even have extra layers of fat that help to keep them even warmer. There are krill, whales, fish, squid, seals and birds. Some predatory birds are the Skua and Large Winged Albatross.
Did you know people live in Antarctica too? Lots of people participate in expeditions, or compete in races using dogs to pull their sleds. Scientists also live in Antarctica to research microbiology and space research. These scientists can study there but must abide by the Antarctica Treaty. This agreement protects the valuable resources beneath the ice and forbids any military or industrial activities on the continent.

[Source: Kingfisher’s Encyclopedia]

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