Canopies Top the Rainforest, are Home to Multitudes of Species

Home to millions of species, the rainforest has many levels. The highest level is called the canopy.

There are many types of animals that thrive in the canopies of rainforests, from bats and snakes to frogs and sloths. Not only are canopies home to a large number of animals, but they're also havens of plant and insect life.

Because of its top-of-the-forest location, all sorts of plants can collect energy from the sunlight that shines down upon the canopy. This creates a nutrient–rich environment for things to grow. Flora in the canopy include fruit, plants, leaves, and flowers.

The living things of the rainforest canopy exist together in an ecosystem. Like community members, they rely on each other to keep their habitat safe and liveable. This means, for example, that a change in just one species of insect might impact the harvest of fruit the next season.

Human actions sometimes threatens the canopy and the species that live in it. I hope to one day visit a rainforest and see a beautiful canopy for myself!

[Source: The Kingfisher Young People’s Book of Living Worlds ]

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Awesome article Mariama! You made rainforests sound so captivating! I hope that the rainforests are preserved so that you can see how beautiful they are someday! --UW-Madison – Eleazar Wawa , Madison, WI (2015-08-06 19:12)
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