First State Seeks To Acquire Its First National Park

by Vindia Robinson, age 9

Many people wonder why every state has a national park except Delaware. Luckily for them, there’s a proposal being discussed concerning a national park to be added in Delaware.
Senator Tom Carper is trying to establish this park because Delaware was the first state in the Union, and he thinks that it deserves a national park. Thus, he is planning and proposing ideas for a new park to a senate committee.
The proposed national park would include many different cultural and historical sites, one of which would be the Ryves Holt House. This house is one of the oldest buildings in the United States and was built in 1665.
People may wonder why the government would spend money on building another national park considering the tough economic times our country is going through. But this would not be just any national park. It would be the first national park of the first state in the United States. Senator Carper is sure that this park will create millions of dollars of tourism for Delaware.
Tourists will love visiting Delaware’s first national park. Delaware native and filmmaker, Ken Burns, says this park will be like “jewels strung along a necklace, that will permit us to revisit in time and space in our complicated history.” Hopefully this proposal will be approved so that everyone can experience Delaware’s history.

[Source: Time For Kids]