Humans Hunted the Gentle Dodo Bird to Extinction

Did you know the Dodo bird was once the biggest bird in the world? Sadly, they’re now extinct because people hunted them down. Before humans found them in 1590, Dodo birds lived a good life on the island of Mauritius. Mauritius is a small island located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Both Mauritius and Madagascar broke away from Africa a long time ago when the land split.

Dodo birds nested on the ground and in trees, called dodo trees. Before humans arrived in Mauritius, Dodo birds had no natural predators. This is why they were able to make their nests on the ground.

Dodo birds had large bodies, stubby wings, a small curved tails, short legs, beside being flightless. The Dodo bird’s inability to fly and nesting habits put them at the mercy of humans and the animals that they brought. The Dodo went extinct in 1681, 60 years after humans arrived on the island.

People now realize what they Dodo birds were a majestic species that mankind destroyed many years ago.

[Source: a-2 animals ]

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