Ancient and Mysterious, Pyramids are Part of Human History

by Zoe Benelcaid, age 11

Pyramids have been around for thousands of years and they still exist today. Their long history is what makes pyramids so cool.
Egypt has almost 100 pyramids. The most famous are three that were built between 2601 B.C. and 2515 B.C. These pyramids are located in Giza, Egypt, near the capital city of Cairo.
These great pyramids were made as burial sites for the Egyptian Kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, although people called them by their Greek names Cheop, Chephern, and Mycerinus.
These kings and others where known as Pharaohs; they ruled ancient Egypt. A pharaoh was considered a god in human form. An ancient Egyptian architect chose the land where the Giza pyramids are located because of its great height, which overlooked the surrounding area.
The great pyramids are a big part of Egyptian history and a big part of their religion because the pyramids were the burial sites for the kings. If you ever visit Egypt, you can still see where these great pyramids stand.

[Source: The Great Pyramid at Giza ]