Jane Goodall: Conservationist, Primatologist, and Humanitarian

by Amanda Welch, age 9

Jane Goodall did a lot in her life. She was a primatologist, humanitarian, ethologist, anthropologist, animal rights campaigner and did a huge study on chimpanzees in Tanzania.

In 1977, Jane Goodall created the Jane Goodall Institute. This organization runs conservation programs that help protect chimpanzees and their environment. The institute also allows researchers to further study the chimpanzees in their natural habitat. She studied and learned a lot about chimpanzees. She learned how they lived, how they solved problems and so much more.

Goodall was very interesting. Her methods were unique. She named all the animals she worked with, which brought her criticism.

Goodall won several awards in her life, including the Kyoto Prize, Benjamin Franklin Metal in Life Science and the Rainforest Alliance Champion Award. These are a few of the awards for her tireless work.

Jane Goodall is a very important influence on the conservation of the chimpanzees and their environment. To this day, she is still active in her work on the field.

[Source: sciencekids.com]