One of the World’s Greatest, Most Dangerous Wonders

The Matterhorn, a mountain formed by glaciers, is one of the most magnificent mountains in the Swiss Alps. A dangerous yet frequently climbed mountain, the Matterhorn spans Switzerland and Italy. Many people have tried and failed to reach its peak.

On July 14, 1865, the first team of successful climbers, led by Englishman Edward Whymper, climbed to the top of the Matterhorn by hiking across a ridge on the Swiss side. However, three of Whymper’s team members fell to their deaths on their way down. Other climbers who have reached the mountain’s top include Giovanni Carrel, who led the second team ever to climb the Matterhorn. A few days after their climb, Carrel’s crew stated that they could have been the first to climb the Matterhorn, but some of Whymper’s team members threw rocks at them and slowed them down.

One other notable climber, 68-year-old Hermann Perren, wanted to climb the 14,685 foot Matterhorn 150 times. He almost achieved this goal, but he fell to his death in his last attempts.

[Source: 100 Great Wonders of the World ]