The Cute Red Panda Is not Actually a Bear

Did you know that red pandas can live up to 14 years?

A red panda looks like a bear and a raccoon mixed together. They can be found in Nepal, Bhutan, Southern Tibet, Northern Burma, Yunnan, and the Sichuan provinces of china. You may also find some in India.

Red pandas have strong jaws that they use to chew bamboo. Their large ears help them hear predators that might sneak up on them. The bottoms of their feet are hairy, which help them climb up trees. These cute animals also have long bushy tails to help them balance when they climb, just like wild cats.

Red pandas belong to the raccoon family, and their closest cousins are the ringtails, also called cacomistle. The biggest difference between the ringtail and red panda are their diets. Both mammals are omnivores, but the red panda’s diet consists of mainly plants. However, the ringtail prefers to prey on lizards, small mammals, and insects.

Although red pandas look like bears, they are more closely related to raccoons. And they are still fascinating creatures on their own.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]

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