Mysterious Underground Railroad was a Secret Trail to Freedom For Many Slaves

by Jessica McConnell, age 10

The Underground Railroad was not really a railroad and it was not underground. The Underground Railroad was a secret path to help slaves get away from their owners. Along the way there were houses that would help protect and hide runaway slaves.
These houses were known as “stations “. In these houses there were trap doors and hidden tunnels that led to tiny rooms where runaway slaves could hide. In many houses you could push a button and a whole wall would turn around and reveal a secret room.
Being involved in the Underground Railroad was full of dangers, not just for runaway slaves, but for everyone who helped with their escape. One of the major risks was getting caught by slave owners. Some of the other dangers included encountering wild animals like bears, alligators, and poisonous snakes. Getting sick or injured along the Underground Railroad was also very hazardous because finding a safe place to rest and recover was a lot harder for the runaway slaves. It was also difficult to find a doctor who could help.
Despite all of the risks and pain, these runaway slaves faced along the Underground Railroad, making it to the North made all the hardships worthwhile.

[Source: If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad]

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