Humans and Horses: Partners Since Ancient Times

Horses are not like most farm animals. They are used for many things. For thousands of years people rode on horses to deliver mail and visit family members.

It is very important for farms to have horses, because they are strong and can carry many pounds of food and pull heavy wagons. Horses were used to pull machines called seed drills and drag them in the field to drop seeds in the holes. This helped grow food faster on farms.

Horses were very important for wars. Some soldiers used horses to ride while fighting with swords. They also used horses for sports like chariot racing. Royal kingdoms used to pick the best horses for battle.

When Europeans discovered America, they started communities and explored the country. Horses helped Europeans travel across America because it was so big.

Horses are very important, strong animals that have helped people in many ways.

[Source: 100 Things to Know About Horses ]

Really well done article Maya. I didn't know horses were so important for so many things. – Jules , St James School (2021-09-08 14:27)
Nice Job Maya, I learned a lot of things about horses and it was very interesting. – Aissata , Sennet Middle School (2021-09-08 14:37)