Wisconsin is Ready for Changing Pollution Rules, Environmental Groups

Wisconsin is ready to handle U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's upcoming pollution standards according to two environmental groups. In fact, Wisconsin has been doing so well that the state’s proposed carbon dioxide levels for 2030 are 30 percent below what they were in 2005.

‘’Wisconsin is already taking major strides to curb carbon pollution, which make it well placed to handle even ambitious federal standards for power plants,’’ said Rebecca Gasper, a research analyst at the World Resources Institution.

However, the institute suggests Wisconsin could do a number of things to reduce pollution further: first, use waste heat to generate power for universities and industry; then, continue to fund Focus on Energy, an organization that encourages and helps pay for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects; finally, increase renewable energy use in Wisconsin above the ten percent required now. The state could also increase the use of natural gas-fueled power plants and make coal-fired power plants more efficient, the institute indicates

Gasper says Wisconsin is one of the better states her institute has analyzed. But, while the carbon pollution policies are already in place, there is no estimate yet regarding how much the changes will cost.

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal ]