A Major Redevelopment Project Takes Shape in Monona

City Officials Consider Protecting Nearby Yahara River a Key Part of the Plan

After years of planning, a major redevelopment project is taking shape in Monona. The recently approved project is getting positive feedback from residents and will start construction later this year. The $36 million improvement plan, developed by Galway Companies, will take place.

Protecting nearby water resources is an important part of the plan. According to The Capital Times , the project will cut down on storm water runoff into the Yahara River and improve the capture and treatment of sediment. It's estimated that the project will create 26,000 square feet of commercial space, 33,000 square feet of office space, and over 230 residential units by 2022, when construction will end.

The Chase Bank Building, Bridge Lounge, Inland Boat Works and Global Presence Ministries currently own these properties. All are part of the redevelopment. Most of the buildings will be demolished and connecting roads will be built. A major sewer pipe will have to be relocated in order for construction to begin.

The city estimates that by Dec. 1st the site will be ready for the developer to take over and begin putting in place plans that were created during the recent 3-year planning period.

The project will be administered in three phases, with the first phase scheduled to begin this fall and ending by the end of 2018. This first step of the project consists in constructing a five-story building with 96 apartment units, a garage and about 28,000 square feet of commercial space. This first phase will also include the creation of a 3,000 square foot park. The new park will be located adjacent to the river and will be leased to the city in the future.

In an interview with The Capital Times , Sonja Reichertz, Monona's city planner and economic development director, said, "Former Mayor Bob Miller used to say incredulously all the time (that) he had heard nothing but good feedback from the community on this project".

City planners in Monona say the project reflects innovative thinking and looks to be on the right path. If everything goes as planned the project can be an example to other cities on how to properly carry out a big infrastructure plan. The city carefully considered the environmental implications of a project building so close to a key waterway.

[Sources: The Capital Times ; Wisconsin State Journal ]

I live in this neighborhood and found this story very interesting. Nice work SSFP. I'm glad the project will protect the water nearby. – Amy Gonzalez , Monona Grove High School (2017-08-16 11:00)
I heard about this project, but I didn't know that it would improve water drainage. Considering how poor the Yahara Lakes water quality has been all summer, I hope more developments follow their lead. A project that is good for the neighborhood and the environment is a win-win! – Morgan , South Madison (2017-08-16 11:18)
This is a great article. I think every development project that happens close to our wetlands should think about long-term impact and water quality. – Tyler Johnson , Sun Prairie High School (2017-08-26 10:05)